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project name: WEBSR 2
type of eu project: South Baltic
number of partners: 11 + 5
number of workpackages: 5 + 1
lead partner: city of rostock
|Dr andreas schubert >
project start: February 2010
project end: January 2013
management: |Dr kristina koebe >


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Wind energy in the Baltic Sea Region 2

The project is a follow-up of the InterregIIIb-project "Wind energy in the BSR" (2003-2005), using resp. expanding the existing international network structure, and, thus joint competences. Still the current situation is quite different from 6 years ago: Wind energy is widely established on EU-territory, even in Poland and Lithuania there are wind energy projects and related support and promotion institutions. Still, there are obstacles that can significantly hinder a further implementation of wind farm projects: the WEBSR2 project plans to contribute to overcome them ...

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map partner europe

  • City of Rostock [D] |>
  • Regional Planning Association Central Mecklenburg / Rostock [D] |>
  • Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden [S] |>
  • Lithuanian Energy Institute, Laboratory of Renewable Energy [LT] |>
  • Baltic Windenergy Association [D] |>
  • Polish Wind Energy Society [PL] |>
  • Hydrogen Technology Initiative Mecklenburg-West Pommerania [D] |>
  • Strategic Self-management Institute [LT] |>
  • Institute For Fuels and Renewable Energy [PL] |>
  • The Electrotechnical Institute Gdansk Branch [PL] |>
  • University of Klaipeda [LT] |>
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    Project "WEBSR2 Upgrade" (|more about that >)
  • City of Kalmar [D] |>
  • Kunstschule Rostock [D] |>
  • Kalmar Konstmuseum [S] |>
  • Linnaeus University / Kalmar [S] |>
  • Baltic Center of Culture / Gdansk [PL] |>

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